Valentino Store

Valentino terrazzo, a marble cement custom designed in an exclusive color, is in over 600 Valentino stores worldwide.
Truly a one-of-a-kind project.

Agglotech is the sole provider of terrazzo for all Valentino and RED Valentino stores worldwide. The Venetian terrazzo for this project was produced and customized based on Valentino’s indications and in collaboration with the world-renowned architect David Chipperfield.

Agglotech’s partnership with Valentino dates back to 2010 when the fashion house expressed a need for vast quantities of marble cement that embodied the colors they had already selected for the new creative concept for their new Valentino and RED Valentino stores. The custom, handcrafted color initially indicated had never been produced at an industrial scale. The first stage of the project, then, was to create a color that could respect the client’s specifications while ensuring reliability and industrial repeatability for mass quantities of terrazzo slabs.

A technical team dedicated to Valentino worked alongside the designers and architects throughout all stages of construction of the various stores. This massive undertaking introduced Agglotech Venetian terrazzo to the world of fashion, which now represents a major client base for the company.

This terrazzo had a range of applications, including Venetian terrazzo flooring, interior wall cladding, and various structural and design elements made of sculpted terrazzo.

Valentino Stores

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