Terrazzo cladding

Agglotech’s terrazzo cladding is an elegant and technologically innovative cladding solution for interior and exterior surfaces of all sizes.

Architects and designers have rediscovered the qualities of terrazzo cladding. An agglomerate of marble aggregate and cement, terrazzo has greatly evolved over the years and is one of the most popular solutions for cladding on both interior and exterior walls.

Terrazzo cladding features a perfect combination of design and color through specific techniques that only a material like terrazzo can give you.

Agglotech cladding gives you:

• Consistency in color
• Low coefficient of thermal expansion
• Custom formats
• Self-cleaning properties
• Freeze resistance
• UV resistance
• Absolute stability in technical performance

Technical quality and design

Used in a wide range of projects, from cladding for the interior of retail stores of leading international brands to your own home, terrazzo is a particularly popular cladding for business offices. The London office of Cabot Square 25 and the Rozzano headquarters of Tecnocasa are just two examples of the great many applications that are possible with marble cement.

Consistently high performance

Agglotech’s terrazzo cladding ensures absolute stability in technical performance over time while also maintaining its self-cleaning properties. The ability to produce terrazzo slabs in custom formats cut from blocks of terrazzo enables Agglotech to serve multiple aspects of a wide range of project types. This material has also recently become highly popular for rear-ventilated rainscreens for the outside of buildings.



HONED – R9/R10




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