Architectural Terrazzo

All-natural elements for a one-of-a-kind product

Architects and designers love terrazzo. International contractors use it in a wide range of projects. This is why we have chosen to call it architectural terrazzo, so as to promote Venetian terrazzo as a symbol of architecture and design around the world.

Agglotech stands apart from other producers specialized in the distribution of Venetian terrazzo for our modern, technologically innovative interpretation of this material. Agglotech terrazzo is recomposed stone that is deeply rooted in tradition and is the result of a perfect combination of all-natural elements, namely marble aggregate, Portland cement, and water.

Terrazzo is closely related to Venetian seminato, a type of mosaic flooring that has been used in Italy since the Roman empire.
Dating back to the 15th century, Venetian terrazzo was originally made by adding marble aggregate to lime, and this agglomerate was formed into homogeneous terrazzo slabs. The key difference between terrazzo and seminato is that the latter is a dry-process material, while the former is the result of a wet process that respects the ancient Venetian tradition.

Our exclusive manufacturing process produces materials that recreate the traditional terrazzo but with a wide range of customizations in color and size, backed by an archive of more than 3,000 colors built up over the years. Our great production capacity (of about 40 terrazzo blocks per day), the color consistency of our products, and our competitive prices make us the ideal partner for your large-scale projects.

With our marble-cement agglomerate blocks, we can create finished products in various shapes and sizes, including terrazzo cladding for interior and exterior walls, terrazzo flooring, sculpted terrazzo, terrazzo-clad stairways, terrazzo tiles for rear-ventilated rainscreens, and a range of special pieces.
Our materials technology and development is not the only reason for our success at Agglotech in meeting and exceeding your every expectation.
There’s much more! Agglotech terrazzo is created in large marble-cement blocks and then cut into terrazzo slabs. This process enables us to cut the material to your specific needs, and we can even sculpt the terrazzo directly from the blocks to create the unique shapes your project needs.
This makes Agglotech a one-of-a-kind provider in the terrazzo industry.

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