Technical Area

Installing terrazzo properly. Using the right amount of mortar. Preparing the mortar. Agglotech product maintenance. All this and much more here in our Technical Area.


To install AGGLOTECH flooring on a concrete base, we recommend a deformable mortar (e.g. Mapei Granirapid or Agglotech Agglofix®). For flooring in formats 60x60cm or larger, we recommend an S2 adhesive of high deformability (e.g. Mapei Elastorapid or Agglotech Agglofix®). We also recommend back-buttering in order to increase grip. We recommend grouting the floor after 2 to 3 days using a specific, elastic grout. For more information on the products to be used (mortar, grout, etc.), see the manufacturers’ technical specifications.

Cleaning and maintenance

AGGLOTECH TERRAZZO cladding is pre-treated with a penetrating water and oil repellent to protect the product’s surface. Follow our recommendations to keep the surface in top condition. The information below is to be provided to the owners of the property. Failure to observe these recommendations will invalidate the product warranty.

Terrazzo technical characteristics

AGGLOTECH complies with the German safety standard BGR 181 for non-slip surfaces in public spaces, which provides clear instructions as to the proper type of surface for every setting.

Technical Area