Cleaning and maintenance instructions

Our products are supplied already treated with a water and oil repellent treatment/sealant which provides the surface a good basic protection.
To maintain the surface finish it is important to follow our “cleaning and maintenance instructions” and these should also be provided to end users by whoever has carried out the installation.

Please note that failure to correctly perform the “cleaning and maintenance instructions” could invalidate any warranty.


• Acid – based products (they can damage the surface)
• Alcohol-based products (they can remove the treatment)


• Use acid-free neutral detergents, designed for natural stone and marble, following the manufacturer’s instructions.


• After initial cleaning, apply a water and oil repellent treatment/sealant to the material and on the joints in order to protect the entire surface.


• Use an acid-free neutral detergent, for natural stone and marble, following the manufacturer’s instructions.


• For maintenance of the Agglotech surfaces, dirt must be regularly removed and daily cleaning should be carried out correctly.

Treatment guide

the charm of the most beautiful floors and walls of Agglotech can be maintained as on the first day if you protect them with fila . specific products that do not change the appearance of the materials because they do not create any surface film. choosing Agglotech means using a recomposed stone obtained through an exclusive production process by skilfully mixing natural ingredients such as marble chips, Portland cement and water. the ability to create customized materials, chromatic homogeneity and large production capacity make Agglotech an ideal partner for the realization of large projects.

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