What we do

Our marble-cement

At our Grezzana facilities, we produce all-natural agglomerates using high-performance 52.5 R white Portland cement and marble aggregate prepared by local providers in accordance with CE standards and regulations.
Our active collaborations with leading architectural design firms testify to the levels of skill we have achieved in the production of marble-cement terrazzo. With more than 4,000 blocks in stock (around 9,000 m3), our vast inventory ensures the speed and flexibility you need for your projects.


Production control is entirely automated, and our “recipes” for each type of standard or customized agglomerate are input electronically with no manual intervention.
By using both blocks and slabs of marble-cement agglomerate, we are able to handle multiple stages in your projects, including large-scale terrazzo flooring, terrazzo-clad staircases, internal and external wall cladding, and special interior-design pieces sculpted from blocks of terrazzo.

Daily production capacity

60 blocks

2,000 m2 (21,500 sq ft) of flooring

800 m2 (8,500 sq ft) of stairs

500 m2 (5,400 sq ft) of wall cladding

Quality Control

Our finished materials and our entire production process is controlled and certified to meet the EN 13748 standard by way of periodic audits by LGA, based in Nuremberg.
LGA verifies the compliance of our quality-control processes and the proper maintenance of quality logs (which are kept on file for five years). We take samples from every batch of blocks produced in order to conduct tests in our in-house lab to ensure proper flex resistance, scratch resistance, water absorption, and freeze resistance. Quality control is also conducted on the finished product by way of sample measurements in order to ensure cut precision.
Finally, our quality control procedures call for the full tracking of the various productions by way of a system of marking the slabs to tie them back to the blocks for each order executed.


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