Custom-designed terrazzo pieces

Creation of custom elements designed by Agglotech

Agglotech is increasingly becoming a favorite among international architectural design firms, not only for the quality of our marble agglomerates but, above all, for our ability to create custom-made elements in terms of thickness, size and color.

By sculpting terrazzo directly from blocks or from slabs of terrazzo in our workshop, we produce custom-made elements based on your specific needs.

Custom-made for high-profile projects

In more than three decades of business, Agglotech has created a great many custom elements based on our customers’ specific needs, from single elements to thousands of pieces cut to custom shapes and sizes. Starting from a terrazzo block (253 x 142 x 80 cm), our Agglotech technicians can cut slabs in thicknesses that range from 2 to 20 cm and make subsequent cuts based on your needs and preferences.

Terrazzo stairs clad in a custom-made material. Marble-chip patterns custom-designed in a mix of shapes and colors. Interior-design elements for leading fashion boutiques and retail stores. Agglotech has consulted on a truly impressive number of projects, producing the custom-made terrazzo that our customers need and love.

More than marble aggregate

For special cases and specific projects, Agglotech provides the technology and know-how needed to develop new materials and colors in partnership with other firms.

Custom colors

In addition to custom sizes, thicknesses and materials, Agglotech is particularly well known for our custom colors. With the right aggregate and colors of cement, at Agglotech we are able to create a personalized color based on your specific needs.



HONED – R9/R10




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When ideas take shape

Our consulting team specializes in supporting designers during all phases of product processing and installation, guaranteeing tailor-made materials for each project.

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