Our terrazzo lines

All-natural elements

All-natural elements in a union of marble chips and cement.
Our exclusive production process enables us to create personalized materials without the use of resins from a stock of over 4,000 colors that we have provided over the years based on your specific needs.

Linea Classico Discover our Terrazzo lines Our traditional terrazzo with mid-sized marble chips is a favorite in the fashion, luxury-goods and interior-design industries for the undisputed elegance of its color tones. Classico Line Linea Seminato Discover our Terrazzo lines A modern spin on the timeless Venetian terrazzo featuring lighter, more open patterns of marble chips “sown” (hence the name seminato) homogeneously throughout the slab. Seminato Veneziano Line Linea Unico Discover our Terrazzo lines Small chips and contrasting background for a harmonious interplay of perspectives that lends this material vibrancy and depth. Unico Line Linea Microterrazzo Discover our Terrazzo lines Our exclusive line featuring micro-chips of colored marble. Ideal for large surfaces to appreciate its consistency of color. Microterrazzo Line Linea Custom Discover our Terrazzo lines The vast know-how we have accumulated in the research and development of marble-cement enables you to personalize the material in combinations of colors and chip sizes to make your final product exclusive to you. Custom colors

Our projects

When ideas take shape

Our team of technicians supports architects, general contractors, and installers throughout all phases of your projects, while providing custom solutions for your every need.

Our years of experience working on international projects such as Tate Britain, the Amsterdam airport, and the Valentino stores enables us to take on technically complex jobs while helping to rediscover the beauty and potential of terrazzo cladding.

Our modern take on terrazzo enables Agglotech to collaborate with leading architectural firms around the world, who choose us for our ability to bring together vastly different styles and cultures.

The Original resin-free Terrazzo

The traditional terrazzo recipe

Our product is an inimitable, one-of-a-kind union of tradition and innovation that continues to evolve in order to meet the needs of even the most demanding projects.


The right terrazzo for all your projects

Agglotech terrazzo has a wide range of applications, including terrazzo flooring for large-scale spaces, terrazzo-clad staircases, exclusive interior wall cladding for shops and offices, and more! Agglotech is particularly well known for our exterior cladding for use in rear-ventilated rainscreens.

By working the material directly from solid blocks of terrazzo, Agglotech is able to completely transform the terrazzo into a range of custom-sculpted shapes.

Our idea of “green”

Our commitment to the environment

AGGLOTECH terrazzo is made using marble chips, Portland cement and water.
It is an all-natural, sustainable agglomerate that is also durable and reliable. In short, it’s green!
This is why our marble agglomerate is being increasingly chosen by leading architectural firms and for large-scale international projects.


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Our technology

Automation, innovation, customization

The versatility of our facilities, our cutting-edge machinery, and our extensive knowledge of the materials used can be seen in all our blocks of marble-cement agglomerate. Like natural stone, Agglotech products are made directly from solid blocks or slabs of terrazzo depending on the project at hand.

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