Terrazzo Blocks

At Agglotech, our production starts with the creation of blocks of marble aggregate (253 x 142 x 80 cm), which are wrapped in a protective film and left to season for at least 28 days.

Throughout this seasoning process and prior to being cut and processed, the material must pass strict quality controls. Once seasoned, the blocks are cut into 253 x 142 cm slabs. Our entire production process makes use of the latest machinery to ensure the highest standards of quality.

Natural materials for a product close to nature.

Agglotech terrazzo blocks are made from all-natural materials, such as marble aggregate, Portland cement and water and the entire production process is both carefully controlled and keeps our environmental impact to a minimum.

High production capacity

With our high level of production capacity of 40 terrazzo blocks per day and with 9,000 m3 (320,000 cu ft) of blocks always in stock, Agglotech is able to ensure rapid, timely delivery, even for large-scale projects.



HONED – R9/R10




Our latest projects

When ideas take shape

Our consulting team specializes in supporting designers during all phases of product processing and installation, guaranteeing the possibility of tailor-made materials for each project.

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