Catalogs and Samples

Agglotech catalogs contain all our lines, colors and projects in convenient print form.

You’ll find information on our company, our production technologies, the main projects in which we’ve been involved, and all the colors available.

Mustermappe sample portfolios

Our mustermappe sample portfolios include samples of the main colors in which Agglotech terrazzo is produced. Agglotech marble cement is grouped into 4 different product lines: Unico, Classico, Seminato Veneziano, and Microterrazzo. All colors can be provided with 4 different finish types: gloss, honed, bush-hammered, and brushed.

Three of these sample portfolios are available:
• the mustermappe portfolio for the Unico and Classico lines;
• the mustermappe portfolio for the Microterrazzo line;
• the mustermappe portfolio for the Seminato Veneziano line.

Sample boxes

In addition to these sample portfolios, you can also receive sample boxes with actual Agglotech terrazzo. Inside this sample box, you will receive the various colors of Agglotech terrazzo.

In addition to providing these colors with four different types of finish, Agglotech is also able to produce custom-made colors to meet the needs of your specific project.


Download our Projects & Colours catalogs.