Disclosure on slip resistance for public buildings

As a reference standard for slip resistance in public buildings AGGLOTECH adopts the German BGR 181 standard, which clearly indicates by category the correct type of surface for each environment.

Degree of slope inclination 6 – 10°

Suitable for use in:
Halls, stairs, corridors and flooring in general in schools, offices, shops, clinics and hotels.

Degree of slope inclination 11 – 19°

Suitable for use in:
Flooring in toilet facilities, changing rooms and laundries, self-service or bar counters.

Degree of slope inclination 20 – 27°

Adatta per:
Flooring and stairs in outdoor environments.

Degree of slope inclination 28 – 35°

Bush-hammered suitable for:
Flooring and stairs in outdoor environments. External sloped flooring.

AGGLOTECH fi nishes satisfy the requirements of the BGR 181 and DIN 51130 standards as follows:
Honed and impregnated surface R9
Honed and impregnated surface R10
Honed and impregnated surface R11
Brush-finished surface R9
Bush-hammered and brush-finished surface R11
Bush-hammered surface R12

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