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Agglotech SpA is Europe’s largest producer of terrazzo. It is our mission to promote the use of marble-cement agglomerates as a versatile, natural cladding material that provides excellent levels of performance. We invest constantly in innovation and in our plant and equipment, because we believe that improving existing products and developing new ones is essential in order to maintain the highest quality standards in our marble-cement.
The design of our Venetian terrazzo sets trends, and our vast range of colors ensures that you get the material best suited to your specific needs. Being cut from slabs that have, in turn, been cut from solid blocks of terrazzo, all our marble-cement agglomerates can be personalized and made specifically to meet your specific design needs. Our team of technicians is at your full disposal and will work with you throughout your project, from selecting the right material to installation and on through maintenance of the finished product.


Our product is an inimitable, one-of-a-kind union of tradition and innovation that continues to evolve in order to meet the needs of even the most demanding projects.

Although terrazzo was once seen as a material without great value, today, thanks to an evolution in both technique and technology, this marble-cement agglomerate is now highly sought out around the world. The creation of terrazzo blocks, subsequently cut into slabs, ensures the versatility, durability, and design of our products.


Constant investment in new technology throughout the production process enables us to work to certified high standards of quality. Our terrazzo blocks are subjected to recurring quality controls to ensure our material is durable and safe. Terrazzo also features good elasticity and is ideally suited to being used in areas subject to significant changes in temperature. The research and development behind Agglotech materials enables us to create terrazzo blocks from various types of marble chips and to create exclusive colors to meet your specific needs.

Our idea of “green”

Our commitment to the environment

Agglotech terrazzo is a recomposed stone that is deeply rooted in tradition and is the result of a perfect combination of all-natural ingredients: marble chips, Portland cement and water.


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We work alongside you in all aspects involved in the use of terrazzo

By handling the entire process of producing our marble-cement agglomerates, we are able to meet even the most particular needs in terms of color and size of the finished product.


An entire team of experts to determine the best solution for you

Our team of experts provides in-depth consulting concerning the material and its applications and provides support throughout the design and planning process, including color selection, installation and logistics.
Leading international architectural firms prefer Agglotech.


Great production capacity and rapid delivery

Our high level of production capacity and 9,000 m3 (320,000 cu ft) of blocks always in stock ensure rapid, timely delivery, even for large-scale projects.

Architectural Terrazzo

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